Our service packages

The 'change package'

Which tours/vehicles could be substituted in your fleet by more efficient and low-emission vehicles (e.g. Cargo eBikes), which vehicles are really fitting for your urban logistics demands?

The ideal service package for transport service providers with inner city delivery logistics*.

Analysis + recommendations concerning procurement.

Special package conditions:  4 man days flat

* maximum vehicle fleet size: 25 vehicles

The 'Green city package'

Inner city commercial traffic: How logistical measures can reduce emissions and other environmental impacts noticeably without reducing the delivery quality for the retail trade.

What do you have to consider, which experience is available from previous relevant projects?

The ideal package for towns and communities. Analysis + recommendations. Special package conditions:  6 man days flat

The 'Retail package' 

How can a delivery service (e.g. Same-Day) be executed for your business? Make or buy (outsourcing)? 

The ideal retail package. Analyses, highlighting of market situation and customer needs, cost planning, recommendation. 

Special package conditions: 6 man days flat

The 'Industry access package'

How do I get access to the urban logistics and CEP industry? Who are the players, decision makers and protagonists? What are their needs and requirements?

The ideal package for those seeking access to the growth industry CEP/urban logistics, as for example vehicle manufacturers and suppliers. 

Individual recommendations, contact initiations, event and media tips. 

Special package conditions: 3 man days flat


Option: projects, management support, consulting, recruiting, research and other services may also be charged per hour. 


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Basis for collaboration are our actual rates. Please apply.