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first mile's team of experts knows the challenges of the last mile and has innovative solution attempts for cities and local authority districts, retail trade, vehicle manufacturers and for transport service providers (e.g., CEP companies). We offer 

- analyses,  

- recommendations,  

- management support,  

- agency (service providers, means of

  transportation, also staff) and  

- Project handling all around the topic 'green' city logistics or the last mile.   

You can choose between clearly defined 

project services based on flat rates, time based settlements (e.g. interim projects) or performance on the basis of flat rates plus charges per hour or day. 

Logistics' challenges
Logistics' challenges

"Driver of innovation regarding the last mile is e-commerce. Accomplishments like parcel redirection, parcel station, Flexy DeliveryService, same day services etc. - all innovations are owed to the rapid growth in internet trade." 


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